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Buffer Size Imager


The Inc.jet controller allows me to define the buffer size, for example 7. I have to change that depending on the job to optimize performance

How do I do that in the GT controller?



Implemented from version 3.9 P35.

In d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt

Go to the corresponding inkjet line and add -bufsize

inkjet0 -bufsize 7

inkjet1 -bmpfile

If you do above, Inkjet #1 will send 7 records to the 1st imager, no matter what.

Inkjet #2 will send 10 records if with afterburner, 5 records if without afterburner.

–bmpfile is just to check the bitmap built and sent to the HP. It is put in d:/temp. Do not activate this during production, it is just for debugging purposes.