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Axode Barcode Grading

The SRE protocol has not change, we will leave it at 6.

What has changed is the way we handle the result itself.

We can now apply a “structure “ to the window result, telling it to add the grading and the separator we want.

So this structure is stored in the WRS keyword.

In our case we want:


–     1st digit is the camera # (1 here)

–     987654321 is the result of Win1 on Cam1

–     30 is the grade (B)

–     123456 is the result of Win2 on Cam1


So we will have to have:

– SRE=6

– WRS=r.p (r says we want to sent the result, and p says we want the grade in numeric format, if we wanted it in Alpha format we would have entered q)

– “Quality” parameter set to 1 (under Window/Process)


NOTE: Even though we show the grade in a letter format on the screen, we will sent it in numeric format on the RS232.


Here is the numeric to letter format conversion table:

A = 4.0 (40)
B = 3.0 (30)
C = 2.0 (20)
D = 1.0 (10)
F = 0.0 (00)


Here is a screenshot of a good grade:



And a snapshot of a barcode that failed (under the threshold set by the operator on the Axode system):



NOTE: In our case, with the GT controller, we won’t setup a threshold in the Axode, but in the GT controller itself, by creating a “limit” control like we do with presence for example.


As far as control, here are the 7 ANSI based controls that we ensure:


Edge determination (pass / fail) :
According to the codification, it checks that we have enough transition for each scan.

We make sure those transitions correspond to a start bit + at least 1 digit + a stop bit.

Minimum reflectance (pass / fail) :
We check here that the minimum reflectance of a black line is at least ½ the maximal reflectance (of the paper; on white spaces between bars).

Symbol contrast (graded) :
This is the difference between the maximal reflectance value, and the minimum reflectance value.

Minimum edge contrast (pass / fail) :
this is the reflectance difference between the « lighter » dark bar and the “darker” white space. It must be over 15%.

Modulation (graded) :
“modulation” = “minimum edge contrast” / “symbol contrast”.

Defects (graded) :
This is given by the size of voids in black bars, and spots in white spaces.

Decode (pass / fail) :
We make sure we can decode the barcode.


Pass/failed: A or F

Graded: from A to F


For each scan, we calculate the “scan grade”. The scan grade is the lower mark given by the 7 controls above.

Then, we determine the “symbol grade”: average of all the scan grades.