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Asynchronous Bundles


I have a barcode reader 1that reads every product that falls into a bundler, I want to separate them in 10, that is, the bundle will have 10 products in it. I want to print a bundle label if all 10 could be read, if not I want to set a bad signal to dismiss that bundle.

The 10 products going into the bundle must be logged and a bundle number must be assigned dynamically.


Machine Settings

Production mode # of products in a bundle # of products in a sack or box Report

The output Warning is going to be set for 1 second, 2 seconds after the last product in the bundle passes the asynchronous reader and at least one in the bundle is bad.

Reader 2 (asynchronous bundle reader) Settings

It will say at least 1 bad and the last 6 digits of the product number on top. The warning output will come on X seconds after. No bundle number will be assigned, take this bundle out.