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I need a way to send to a listening server (tcp/ip end-point) what I am doing with the controller, number of product, status, date/time, etc.

How do I setup this Job ?


Type. First you need to define the IP number and the port of the listening server.


If you want the Machine Fifo Position, declare Bad Mark as the first field. Everything else as needed.


I did a job with one any_tcpip inkjet whose reference is synch-point 1. Below you see that products 4 and 12 did not hit the synch-point 1, so they are bad.

I have a simulator of a tcpip listener you can download from the GTUS ftp server. If you start in the machine you want to send messages to, it will show in above example:

Products 4 and 12 are bad

The machine fifo position is sent in [0001] so that the listener can declare that product bad, by sending the fifo position in [] and a comment for logging. This is a future option.