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AM224-BX-Bitjet vs eZ-inkjet.docx


I have a BX from Videojet printing on products, a Bitjet printing on another line, and a Scitex 5120 on another. What makes your eZ-inkjet better ?

By now, the decision should be very easy, these continuous inkjet (CIJ) fromVideojet, Domino and Scitex are on the way out. They are end-of-life (EOL).

Also, Graph-Tech USA can now deliver a DOD inkjet that can print at 600 dpi at more than 1000 fpm (304 m/min)

With the eZ-Inkjet 64, we can also deliver an inkjet that prints 256 jets, all nozzles in one line, like the BX or Bitjet. What does that mean ? I will work fine on older transports.

Advantages of DOD

  • No make-up needed. People that run continuous inkjets (CIJ) are burning make-up all day. The make-up savings alone have convinced other companies to replace the Bitjet or BX because it finances the purchase. So, consumables are much cheaper because there is no make-up evaporating into the air.
  • A head replacement costs 5 to 10 times less and it takes less time to change. A Bitjet head needs a technician to replace it, the DOD head you can replace yourself.
  • 600 dpi resolution instead of 128 dpi of the Bitjet. The image will look so much better, the barcodes will be A grade.
  • It starts up in 5 minutes, every time. Continuous inkjets are notorious for being unpredictable, it can take 10 minutes or 3 hours, nobody knows. One customer that runs 24/7 compared the availability of a continuous inkjet to a DOD from us: 77% CIJ, 99.5% DOD. Another financial reason to replace the CIJ.
  • This new DOD inkjet has a remarkable throw distance which is the only remaining advantage of continuous inkjet.
  • If printing monochrome, we can run the inkjet at 4 times the speed because it has 4 rows of jets, that is, instead of printing 1×600 dpi, we print 4×150 dpi, allowing for higher speeds.
  • Given the 4 lines of nozzles, you can also print 4 color. If information is a must, Color has so much more impact than monochrome.
  • In the case of the eZ-Inkjet 64, all nozzles are in one row. This makes the inkjet much more forgiving on older transports.
  • Important in your case, we still develop on the GT controller platform, we can support you in future applications

Bitjet-replacement or BX-replacement is available from Graph-Tech USA.