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AM195-Read Card Control feeder Wrap Apply label


I need to control a feeder to feed 10 cards into a dropbox, the open this complete dropbox when a lug signal tells it is good to open the dropbox, then fill the dropbox again.

Furthermore, this products will be wrapped and go through a shring tunnel. I want to read the top card and print the corresponding label.


The rising edge is to count-in the product, the falling edge as PD1. You have to wire the photocell to 2 inputs.

The feeder camera can be triggered from the controller if you have a shaft encoder in the feeder, otherwise trigger it directly from the photocell. The (2nd) camera after the shrink tunnel to read the top card is triggered directly from a photocell and not from the controller. The controller loses tracking of the product in the shrink tunnel. Make the distance between the 2nd camera and the labeler less than the distance between bundles coming out of the shrink wrapper, in other words, the label must be applied before the next bundle is read.

New production mode: Read randomly Bundle

Note count in is positive edge (PD1 negative). Opening time for drop box

Negative edge here

The key that you read with the camera, is declared as sort-key. Save and Index it with [D]

Notice that the bundle size is given by the data. Here the sign “*” and declared as bundle end string

The first camera does regular matching, Stop the feeder if mismatch, you can refeed with the green button

The second camera is after the shrink wrap, it will send the top card at any random time, that is, when the bundle hits a photocell which trigger the camera, at that moment, the camera sends the number serially.
The mode must be set to Random Bundle