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Allow Question Mark in standard Reader


We have a reader (magnetic reader) that send a question in the string. The controller thinks it is an error because it finds this question mark. How do I get around this.

Work around

I implemented a reader that accepts question marks as valid characters and not errors. This works from version 3.13, so, you might have to update. I also put it in 3.11P60 which is the GTUS ftp site.

You have to do the following: go to d:/editorgt/user/system and add -question to the reader that you are using, for example here the first reader (which starts with 0, this a C language thing)

If you don’t see reader0 in this file, just add it. The GT reads this file every time the application starts.

If you want to see whether your reader_std already has that, you can start a DOS console in d:/editorgt/runtime/binary/release, and type
rtssrun reader_std.rtss –help

You can see in the RTX window the arguments that you can use, -question should be one of them:
-noread allow no readings (default=trigger-read, trigger-read)
-end X default is 13 (0x0D,CR)
-dai dai wants job # sent \n”
-question allow question mark \n”
-nocheckseq do not checksequence\n”
-mtl X MTL special for RFID\n”