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Add a 3rd head to a 2-head


I want to add a Kyocera head to a 2-head raptor, How do I do that ?

The GT heads come as 1-3-5-7-12 head system. If you have a 3 head system which has the motors and connections there, you can add a system. Older systems had only as many heads as it was ordered.

So, check whether the motors for the third head are in.

We assume at this point, that you have been trained and know how to exchange a head. If you are not trained, do not perform these tasks.


In the cfg tab, in printhead, change present from OFF to ON.

You also see whether the head is seen by getting of GT-Print and starting the Can [A] program. Below you see that the Kyocera heads 1 and 2 are in the node 48 and 49.

After adding a head and restarting the system, you should see 50-Kyocera head here. If you don’t see one, it can be for multiple reasons:
Your head system is old and is not prepared to house a 3rd head
You did not connect right the head or the head is faulty.
The node is not set right. This is a setting that comes from the factory on the electronic board that connects to the head.

Below after setting it ON.

After re-booting, you should see connected head pattern go from decimal 3 to 7 (binary 111 for 3 heads)