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Activate Tracked Output with Data



I address magazines that are subscribed with a publisher. I have to stick a label “your subscription must be renewed” on magazines whose subscription is running out.




I want to advance a conveyor when I have a “1”in the data.




Set M-13 to tracked output. Below you see the first record as 00000001, that means, if you had 8 tracked outputs defined, that when the product 1 reaches each trackout position, that:



In this example, if you had a relay on trackout 7, it would switch on/off with every product, trackout 6, would switch on/off every second product, etc.

Actually the controller activates the signal with any character in the data other than 0 or space!



If you only have one tracked output (Tracked output 1) with data, set M-13 to tracked output with length of 1. Below you see records 1 to 19 would let output 10 inactivated. Product 20 would be on after the tracking distance. Product 21 goes back to inactive.



Define trackout, It must be data (controls triggers every time). In this example, output 10 is set 500 millimeter after product detect 1 for 150 millimeter.



The type must be Data