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4 Signal Batching Feeder



What do you need from the a feeder to control it, to make it a batching feeder?






Basic Timing



  • The feeder starts to feed as a consequence of the feed signal goes high.
  • The feeder should feed with little delay, at least consistent delay.
  • Assume the controller wants to feed 3 products.
  • When the controller sees the count in signal going down for the 3rd time, it will immediately set the feed signal to off, hence the feeder has to stop feeding.





What will happen here is that the Feed Out signal will be high until say the batch of 10 products falls into the dropbox. The controller will wait until the next lug input signal and will open set the dropbox signal for 3000 milliseconds, after which, the dropbox signal goes low and the Feedout goes high for the next bundle of 10.