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Industrial Inkjet Printers and Systems with speed, scalability & innovation for what you need today. Everything is proudly manufactured and supported by the GTUS team in the U.S.A. !

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Windows 10+ Supertracker

GTUS has ported the GT software to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.  It will look the same, it will have the same capabilities, including all of the custom programs and add-ons and it will operate exactly the same so you do not have to re-train people or deliver data in a different format, and it even runs the same jobs??

ez-inkjet 65


eZ-Inkjet 65

High Definition 600dpi

eZ-Inkjet printer offers higher resolution, higher speed and ease-of-use and it is a logical replacement for our workhorse GT-JET series printers.

GTUS Systems

GTUS® makes complete custom systems for cards, cheques, packaging, mail, lottery, and many other applications. Roadrunner III Series for single-pass encoding, print, and affixing. MailRunner for high speed addressing and so much more.



GTUS® line of single pass printers includes our newest U.S. made eZ-Inkjet® 54 or 108mm HD Printer, our wide format Raptor Kyocera Printer and the economical Marcador Cartridge Based Inkjet.


Upgrade Existing Systems

Innovative Add-Ons such as our TotalMag® Magnetic Encoding System and new accurate eZ-Tipping System.

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RFID encode faster, print at high resolution, magnetic encode, track and verify more accurately, and achieve higher throughputs with greater uptime. Wherever you are in the world, Graph-Tech USA (GTUS) solves your industrial printing and controlling challenges with advanced printer technology for the production and profit you target.

You can now produce in hours what may take other suppliers days to do. Our in-house technicians and software developers can both design and modify your system to suit special requirements. Plus, because we use our own patented RFID encoding, high definition inkjet printers and GT Controlled systems and we have our own parts and service center, we make your solutions more affordable too.  Give us a call today at 772-569-0066 or e-mail

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