GTUS Employee List

The “A” Team

Markus Portmann

President of Graph-Tech USA and original partner of Graph-Tech AG.  Business Management, Sales, Development and Programming

E-mail:           772-569-0066 Ext: 301

David Weisenberger

Repair Center Manager,  Ink Jet Repair, Technical Support


Nick Zynko

Senior Project Manager, Field Engineer, Technical Support and Web Master

E-mail:                772-766-9106 Ext:302

E-mail:                  772-766-9106 Ext:305

E-mail:                772-569-0066 Ext:304

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Annemarie Portmann

Accounting and Administration Manager

E-mail:        772-569-0066 Ext: 306




One-pass, fast, and scalable digital printing systems for every application

Mike Snell

Administration, Customer Service,  Ink Jet Repair 

066 ext: 302

Craig Weisenberger

Senior Ink Jet Repair Technician, Customer Service

E-mail:                    772-569-0066 Ext:303

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